bayberrybush (bayberrybush) wrote in house_and_home,

Quirky, Easy Outdoor Project

This project is probably the most comment-stimulating project I have done so far. I hit up all my friends and neighbors for their empty wine bottles. All different sizes; it doesn't matter. The large ones can be used for corners or accent pieces, and I mixed the colors in an intentionally random fashion. I took these wine bottles, upended them, and buried them as a garden border. Yes, I have a garden gnome ;)

(Can you tell I live at the beach? Look at the sandy soil, lol!)

The left side has been buried since last fall. Some people had questions about whether the border would be affected by the freezing and thawing, but it came through great. Since the bottles are open at the bottom (which used to be the top), it allows for expansion and contraction of the air inside.

The next phase of this project is move my stepping stones to better suit the new design, and then mulch or add gravel to the pathway.

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