bayberrybush (bayberrybush) wrote in house_and_home,

Getting Ready to Turn Inwards: Preparing for the Indoor Season

Fall is the time when we get ready to go indoors for the winter and focus on indoor pursuits and activities. Now is the time to make sure your home is ready for the indoor season! A good fall cleaning is as important as spring cleaning. Since we are going to spend more time indoors, focus on removing allergens and respiratory irritants! Wash draperies and easily-forgotten items such as bedskirts. Think about having carpets cleaned.

Get your mind ready to go, as well: this is the time when we can go within and work on our personal visions for our future. Make sure you are stocked up with notebooks for writing wish lists. Get ahold of some mentally stimulating books to keep your mind active during the indoor season. This is also a good time to examine your life and see what needs to be put in good order; perhaps your financial life needs some attention, or you are seeking a class to take so you can keep learning. This is the time to work on our inner lives, so get your tools in gear and start dreaming!
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