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Heat question X posted

Hello Everyone! I have a question for you.

What is the cheapest way to heat an insulated garage/barn that has no built in heating system? Propane? How bout a wood burning stove? We have gas in the house that is super super efficient but nothing in the barn that we want to convert into an office. I am not sure how complicated it would be to put a pipe out to the barn to heat it with the gas system we currently have.

The barn is about 25 feet from the house. It is a 2 car garage actually with an extra small room on the side.

Thank you in advance. I may not reply to all comments but I am very grateful for any advice.
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Some of this depends on the cost of electric where you are. In my area (Delaware), it has been most cost effective to run a small space heater with a fan. We heat the house with propane, and at the moment, it is more expensive to use the propane than it is the electric. However, the electric companies are saying their rates will go up 40% in the spring. At which point I will have to re-evaluate.

Will you have any water running out there? If you aren't worried about keeping pipes from freezing, I would use the simplest method possible.

Will you have clients there, or is it for your own use? If you have clients that you need to (a) make sure are comfortable and (b) need to appear very professional in front of, I would definitely get some quotes on running the gas line out.

Good luck and let me know how it is going!