bayberrybush (bayberrybush) wrote in house_and_home,

Must-Know IAD software

It's been a while since I've posted anything here, but I've got a good reason. Really! This spring I spent every waking moment learning a 3D modeling program from Autodesk calledVIZ. It's a huge program and to some extent can interact with Autodesk's AutoCAD (although not as seamlessly as their marketing department would suggest).

Those are both huge programs. If you need a program that is more affordable for small businesses, Sketch-Up is starting to make some noise. It's free, easy, and produces decent images. They do have a Sketch-Up look and feel, and trained eyes will recognize images from this program, but it's great for functionality!

For kitchen and bath, 20/20 is the program to learn. Even in my remote area the custom places are requiring proficiency in 20/20 as a hiring requirement. :)
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